Max the dog

Full Name:
Mad Max Whodunnit Von Wishkabibble


Favorite Toys

Any and every Chewbacca toy he can get his paws on

Favorite Snack ‐ Anything orange:

Max's Story

Born February 20, 2013

Max joined our family with his littermate, Archie Houdini Von Wishkabibble at three months old. They brought lots of energy and the dirtiest apple toy I've ever seen (we still have it). They were infamous for causing messes. Archie would get them into places they shouldn't be (Houdini), while Max would leave evidence that they had been there (Whodunnit).

Sadly, Archie was not with us very long before he succumbed to a terrible immune system disease. During his illness, Max became the very best brother and caretaker. He waited for his brother and even engaged him in play when Archie was well enough to do so. He loved him so much and was lost when he moved to the rainbow bridge. Max was not alone for long, welcoming in new baby brother, Kirby. Max showed him the ropes, and they soon were like peas and carrots.

Max is such a wonderful boy who loves snuggles and belly rubs. He also gives the best hugs and loves it if you give him kisses. He also loves to patrol the neighborhood from the front window and keep our home safe from joggers, other dogs, cars, trucks, random squirrels, and sketchy looking plastic bags.

max portrait